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Jeff’s 1975 911


Jeff’s 1975 911


Case work in progress. Head stud repairs completed. New offset bushing fitted and back in the correct position. All through bolt washer platforms spot faced and all 8.00mm washer platforms spot faced.

jeff 911 case repair 005 jeff 911 case repair 002 jeff 911 case repair 001 Jeff 911 054

Jeff 911 055

Cylinder head repairs started. Repairing bolt holes with inserts and machining for stepped head washers. These stop head from collapsing inwards when torqued and making sure all tensile is concentrated into stud evenly as possible.

jeffs head 4 jeffs head 3 jeffs head 2 Jeff 911 051 Jeff 911 052 jeff misc web 997 cranks 911 heads 018

Next will be 2nd spark plug machining, new guides and new seat inserts.

Connecting rods started. Rods cleaned and mag’ed for cracks. Checked for straight. Bolts and pin bushings removed. New pin bushings machined ready for installing. These will use a smaller pin diameter and will be machined offset to increase the rod length. This will help the Intake air efficiency, piston side loading and allow higher RPM limit.

jeff 911 016 jeff 911 021

Beams and caps lapped ready for measuring parting line location.

jeff 911 019 jeff 911 018 jeff 911 017 jeff 911 020

This establishes the parting line is central to the bore. This ensures equal pivot weight distribution CC length accuracy, and upper pin bushing wall thickness held to spec. CC lengths measured before dressing to make sure lengths before cutting.

jeff 911 022

Beams and caps cut.

 jeff 911 024

jeff 911 025

After cutting, all parting lines centered in bores.

jeff 911 026 jeff 911 027

All rods and their caps kept together in rod tray ready for new bolts to be fitted, stretched and measured, BE’s resized.