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Porsche 997TT 40S Engine

Porsche 997TT 40S Engine

 This engine was built for GMG Racing for the car pictured here.

This engine was the follow on from the 996TT 36R engine we built for GMG Racing. What we learned from that prototype mule was included in this build.

The engine was 4.0L in displacement. It included our own custom designed crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. The head work included custom intake valves that allowed the flat cam followers to be used. Our own custom camshafts were included. The camshafts themselves were machined in house from billet stock and incorporated the turbo triggering and the variable control for the intake camshaft.

This engine dyno’ed above 800 WHP but was limited to a lower manifold pressure for reliability and driver safety reasons.

Since this build specification we have built several other engines, including race versions with many upgrades. This engine platform has reached its limit and our focus is now on the 997.2 and 991 Turbo engines.

We still build these engines for customers around the world that include all of the upgrades that followed on from this build.

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