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Porsche 996TT 36R Race Engine

Porsche 996TT 36R Race Engine

 This engine was built for GMG racing. It was a prototype engine used as a development engine. The displacement was 3.6L originally designed for PWC and club racing. It was built to rule so it could participate in the PWC challenge racing.

This test mule engine was built using many used parts from several blown street engines.

It produced more than 860 BHP at minimal boost levels.

For this engine, we designed a new crankshaft, new connecting rods, and new pistons. The cylinder head was developed with a completely new CNC porting program written for both intake and exhaust ports and combustion chambers. We designed and made in house the camshafts from billet stock that incorporated the turbo triggering and variable valve control. The profile designs were new and required the cam housings to be machined for the camshafts to rotate.

Since this engine was built to rule, the stock intake manifold had to be used. An aftermarket EFI system was used to control the fuel, CDI ignition, camshaft control and boost. Individual CDI coils were used along with short HT ignition wires to remove the coils from the heat of the turbocharges.

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