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Performance Developments Signature Engine Machining

Performance Developments offers high quality race level, low tolerance engine component machining. When engines are pushed to their limit the proper machining can mean success or failure for the engine.

Unlike a lot of production machine shops where quantity is more important than quality, we choose to offer an exclusive level of machine work for the engine builder that demands an uncompromising low tolerance repair. Unfortunately, poorly repaired parts can look the same as well repaired parts.

An engine is only as good as the sum of its parts and those parts have to be perfectly prepared for the work required within a high performance race engine or a reliable street engine. Performance can be said comes from the choice of parts and reliability from the assembly and condition of the parts. Never assume anything and make sure you know every detail of every part you use in your engine. That means, you know all the sizes, clearances and finished condition of your parts when you assemble your engine.

Our costs reflect the time we spend rebuilding your parts to the uncompromising level we know is required. Turnaround time of your parts is another factor we have identified as being extremely important. We strive to have a quick turnaround without compromising the quality of work done.

Whether it is early Porsche air cooled parts, late model water cooled parts, or any other type of engine part, we offer the same level of attention and dedication.

After much experience with Formula 1 Neil knows how essential it is for excellent, precise, race level machining. Racing at any level will show any inconsistency and lack of attention to the details. Remember, the engine never failed, but a part within it did. Our experience in racing at the highest level and in the race series we currently are involved with has given us the technology required to rebuild both early and late model engine parts to the highest level.

It is this knowledge and experience we use every day in repairing race engine parts and street engine parts.

We offer the following disciplines, but not limited to:

  • Engine and Component Design
  • Engine Building
  • In house CNC prototype part manufacturing
  • Cylinder Head Flow Testing
  • Camshaft Analysis
  • Valve Spring Analysis
  • Line Boring
  • CNC Porting
  • Liner Honing
  • All Balancing
  • Rod Rebuilding
  • Cylinder Resizing
  • Crankshaft Repairing
  • Fuel Injector Flow Testing – Injector cleaning and flow testing
  • Block and Case Work, Deck Plates, Liner Installation and Head Stud Resizing
  • Cylinder Head Rebuilding – Guides seats full assembly including all Valve Spring Setup