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Porsche 962c Race Engine: Part 5

Porsche 962c Race Engine: Part 5

Post dyno, the after-dyno service is performed. Some inspections are done while the engine is still bolted to the dyno, such as, a compression test and leak down test. These are performed while the engine is still up to operating temperature to ensure accurate readings. Oil samples are taken and inspected along with the filter elements inspected. The spark plugs are “read” now as well, and often we “run” spare sets of plugs for the customer to ensure all plugs are good. We also run spare fuel filters for the same reason. Once the engine is removed from the dyno and re fitted to the engine stand, the engine is bore scoped to view the piston domes for any signs of detonation and contact with the cylinder heads and the cylinder liners are inspected for damage. The plenums are reversed back to their normal position and all throttle linkages are re checked.

The engine is dressed and made ready for delivery.

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